SIHMA Achievements

SIHMA Achievements

Past Achievements In a Nut Shell,

Bureau Of Indian Standards (B.I.S.):

Assistance In Raw Material Procurements:

Donations and Charities:

Present State Of The Industry:

Assistance To Industry In Times Of Distress:

Yarn Price:

Central Excise:


Infra-structure Development:

Relationship With State Bank Of India:

Labour Relations:

Exemption For Hosiery Products From Sales Tax:

‘C’ Form Problems:

Consignment Sales – Section 6 A Of The C.S.T. Act 1956:

Stage By Stage Accounts Of Hosiery Factory Exemption For Sihma Members:

Merchant Exports – Section 5(3) Of The Central Sales Tax 1956:

Textile Cess:

Weights And Measures – Legal Metrology Act (Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011:

Associate Membership:

SIHMA Bulletin Book:


Arbitration Council Of Tirupur:

SIHMA Institute:

Salient Points:

Grievances Yet To Be Solved :


Viking A.C. Eswaran

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